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Want2Donate - Online Charity Donations

  • Affiliate donation site
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  • Drupal CMS


want2donate.org is an affiliate website which targets audiences who want to donate to charity. The site benefits various UK charity partners by acting as a conduit for potential donors and supporters to reach different kinds of non-profits across the sector.

Most large UK charities particpate in affiliate programmes in order to drive new supporters and donations. Many well-known charities are listed on the site such as WWF, Oxfam, ActionAid, World Vision, WSPA, National Trust, Cancer Research UK.

Joomkit supported the development of site design, hosting and technical aspects of the build that relate to the placement of tracking codes and banners throughout the site and ensure that they are implemented correctly and managed via unique modules, rather than having many separate links manually coded throughout the site.

Joomkit helped construct an 'Ethical Directory' with an easy to navigate structure where it's easy to learn about and choose a charity to donate to.

In addition to charities, the site is also hoping to attract people interested in other forms of ethical and green purchases - such as ethical gifts, insurance or sustainable tourism. Joomkit helped want2donate.org decide on structure and presentation.

With a recent relaunch of the site Joomkit also worked on URL capture and redirection to ensure that all previously indexed links in Google were redirected to like-for-like counterparts to preserve search results presence.


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