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Seafarers' Welfare Toolkit

  • Image-led design and communication
  • Easy to create campaign forms
  • CRM Integration


Joomkit worked with the International Commitee on Searfarer's Welfare (ICSW) to put together an online training toolkit. The ICSW train staff who visit ships all over the world to befriend seafarers, provide advice, and enable them to contact home. So far they have trained over 900 ship visitors.

In addition they also produce and circulate information for seafarers on improving health and disease prevention for things like HIV and malaria.

The content for the website needed to be arranged from lots of material that had previously been available in other formats - such as PDFs and Word Documents.

Using this raw material we had some great sessions planning how to structure the toolkit website and present the information in new and engaging ways.

The website makes use of Google Translate to quickly create versions of the site's core content into different languages to suit users of different nationalities.

Due to the social nature of the project users of the website are encouraged to interact and leave comments in an effort to keep conversations going so that seafarer's welfare is constantly being discussed and future needs for improvement can be identified.

We also recentley launched the Seafarers' Welfare Awards website which too adopts the new brand. We are currently working on a redesign and build of the overarching parent ICSW website which will be on brand in the same way.


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