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Government Spending Watch

  • Data architecture
  • Google Visualisations
  • Vector Map integration


Development Finance have been tracking millennium development goals (MDGs) spending.  We  have taken that data into fast search architecture, adding a vector map, and pushing data out into Google graphs to make it easy to find out what different countries have spent.

Creating a website from a spreadsheet on what different governments around the world have spent on MDGs was an interesting challenge.

Database planning was key so data structures were designed with performance in mind, allowing us to pull back as much data as possible with one query. We wire framed with Zurb Foundation and started with Highcharts for a javascript charting library so we could quickly start experimenting with different graph types and search interfaces. We switched to Google Visualisations to take advantage of their API and international network for delviery and reach. We delivered this through a custom extension built on the Joomla framework. As a gateway into the data, we used the excellent JQVmap for its ease of data integration and scalability across devices. 


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