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Carer Positive

  • Logo & brand development 
  • UX & goal alignment
  • Concrete5 Content Management System


Carer Positive is a Scottish Government funded initiative to develop a ‘caring for carers’ kitemark. Starting from scratch Joomkit researched the design likes and dislikes of the client and provided 3 different routes for the identity and brand. These ideas were then reviewed and distilled through iterative feedback into the existing new logo and web design. This formed the basis of establishing a simple core brand color scheme with custom fonts for headings to lend an additional distinctness. Visual interest was also added by the use of discrete infographic blocks that used Carer and employer facts to reinforce the sites objectives and messages.

Because the focus of the site was to get employers to sign up we made sure that Google search engine results also showed appropriate engaging copy to encourage potential applicants to carry on the journey to applying for the kitemark as an employer.

Result: The result was a simple and manageable site that expresses a new identity for the kitemark and invites and explains the benefits of applying to join.

It was built on Concrete5 with its famous easy editing and version control features providing the power to allow editors to publish and manage their site in confidence.

  • Carer Positive
  • Carer Positive

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