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CARE Insights

  • Show case Cares expertise & professionalism
  • Engage staff as experts
  • Easy to use platform


Resources for people interested in policy are all too often buried in a charities main site. Care Insights separates in-depth publications from Care International’s main site, and provides development experts with a public face and platform for their work to be read and discussed.


The site was built with Joomla CMS and K2 content component, with some customised plugins to achieve different sets of item lists within a specific category and tag set. We made extensive use of K2's profile features to build a show case section of CARE staff, with staff blog posts and related publications featuring in their display.

The ability to allow staff to blog easily has contributed to the rapid content growth and engagement of internal staff to publish online.  The main publications section and blog listings make extensive use of related content to build a rich content experience for policy makers and development professionals alike.

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